Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Am Gay: How I Became Gay by: Joerge

I am Ravi  I am going to tell you all how I became a bisexual when I was 25 years.  At that Time I was in Hyderabad working and I was staying in a Bachelor's room.  My roommate was a middle aged man about 38 years old married but living alone as a married bachelor with me.  He was good looking and nice.  We were very good friends.  Normally in the night I used to remove my undergarments and sleep with only lunge with nothing inside.  I love that.  One night my roommate had some problem with his cot  He requested me that he would sleep in my cot sharing bed with me.  I said ok.  In the night I was asleep and I felt some movement around my cock over my lungi.  I slowly opened my eyes and saw that my roommate was touching my cock over my lungi.  That was a strange experience for me.  For the first time a man is touching my cock, and my cock immediately stood up and it was very strong and robust.  My roommate still thinking that I was asleep  he started slowly stroking my cock .  He loosened my lungi and caught hold of my cock with his hand.  The touch of his hand just gave me an electric shock and I felt more excited I suddenly opened my eyes and looked at him.  He removed his hand immediately when I looked at him.  I smiled at him.  My smile gave him some confidence and he again caught hold  of my cock and started stroking it gently.  I also wanted to reciprocate since I liked his action.  I inserted my hand in his dhoti and loosened his dhoti.  He was wearing an underwear I removed his underwear, his cock was really big about 8"long and stout .  It was standing erect I also started giving his cock gentle strokes.  he then put my cock in his mouth and started sucking it and licking it he also licked my balls.  I also turned my head towards his cock and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it.  we were in 69 position and we both were sucking our cocks.  I was  the first one reach climax,  he did not allow me to take my cock out he sucked fully and swallowed my cum fully .  Then he swallowed and I also swallowed his cum.  It was really fine.
That was the first time when I Experienced Gay Sex.