Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Bestfriends Litte Brother

the day was just like any ordinary days in the weekends so i got up in 10 am in the morning. I went down stairs to eat but i saw a note in the table that they went to visit my grandparents so i was all alone in the house. i was getting lonely and bored so i txted my best if i could go to there place said and said okey since she was just home with her younger brother . her brother is 4 years younger that me he was 14 while me and her sister were of the same age but being all sporty he was he already look like an adult standing at 5'9 and had a toned body and a tan skin color . so i called my mom first she agreed and i was already on my way there house was just a block away from ours. i knocked on the gate and best opened it welcoming me inside i went in and saw her younger brother on the sofa slouching i was a little bit pissed seeing him don't get me wrong he was a great guy friendly looked good and had a sense of humor i just hated the fact he was taller then me since i was only 5'6 and my body was tin but little shaped because of tennis and a little swimming on the side and i was a whiter and i was not that bad to look at . I sat down just on the arm chair and he said hi and i smiled and wave my hand and her said she should get some snacks and went to the kitchen to get some so it was me and Jc ( his name ) so i stared a little pep talk asking the basic thing school , life and sports while we were talking her sister brought snack Oreo and apple juice unlikely combination but i loved Oreo so yay Oreo. i was getting it jc quickly grabbed it i was annoyed that he did that but it was there house so i just got another pack. while we were eating my best cp ranged and answered it it was there mom and she said she was told to do a little errand and will be Right back and i said okey be careful she smiled and thanked and said sorry that she had to go. we where just focused on the movie we watching the i noticed something in the end of my eye he was not wearing any underwear since his shorts were kind of big i saw his semi hard **** and his balls and before i notice i was already directly looking at it and it was growing and we met eye to eye he noticed that i was looking at his package and he was smiling. i was so ****** up and the worst of it i was growing a hard as well. he was still smiling and said "like what you see" he stood up and walk to towards me i was really sacred i didn't know what was he going to do he kneed on the arm chair and face are face meet each other he put is hands in both of my shoulders and said just "relax okey" he smiled and so i did his hand in the of my face and i was expecting like slap or a punch form him but i was surprised he suddenly kiss me it was a gentle kiss and after the kiss me looked at each other and he kissed me again but this time with passion and it was feeling good i felt his tongue in my lips and so i let it enter and i let his tongue explore my mouth and i explored his i felt his hand at the back of head and the other hand was inside my t shirt. i placed my hands around him and balanced him in my lap. he tasted like aplle juice and oreo i could smell him i know he hast bathed yet but yet he smelled good. are kissing stoped and he removed my t shirt and began kissing my neck and kissed lower and lower to my body his left hand trying to pull my shorts down tired to stop him but he kissed my lips again and his kisses where amazing before i knew it i was naked already he stood up and remove his shirt and kneeled down and kiss my sides while holding my **** and ******* it off with both hands and it felt amazing a held my moans back he smiled at me again and kissed me the faced my **** licking it teasing it and he looked at me and asked "what do you want to do" while keep looking at me and i answered " please suck me" he smiled and said i didn't hear my name while he was jacking me off almost like begging i said almost begging him please suck me jc! and licked the head and took it all in his mouth it was hot and felt super amazing and without even noticing it i was holding his head and mouth ******* him my legs stiffed and i told him i was g coming but he sucked me harder i came out in his mouth and swallowed it all . i told him he was amazing he want closer to my face and we kissed romantically i tasted my *** it was a little sour yet sweet. i moved him higher and removed his shorts and his 6 inch hard **** was in my face i started licking his shaft the dripping pre *** and finally a took it all in it was my first time so i wasn't really that good but he moaned good it was a really a turn on and i got the hang of it after mins he was mouth ******* me and grabed my hair and push his **** deeper in my throat his body stiffed the he came in my mouth i returned the favor a swallowed it all it weirdly tasted sweet we faced again and made out after the make out season he whispered that was great i kissed him again he stood up and pick up his cloths and i followed him we just make out in the shower after we took a shower we both dressed up and seated back to the sofa this time we sat together mins later her sister arrived bring the laundry and some snacks we helped her and she asked me if a had a good time with her brother i looked his brother and he looked at me and we both smiled and i said yup i had a great time smiling contently